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[22:55] <+jacob1> nucular: don't tell me how to moderate :) [22:55] <nucular> jacob1: don't moderate me how to tell :) [22:55] <Guest87194> er [22:55] <tsoutseki> nucular, wow smart [22:56] <tsoutseki> nucular, u r a cute xoxo [22:56] <nucular> thanks babe [22:56] <jBot-42> ._. [22:56] * tsoutseki makes out with nucular [22:56] <jBot-42> !_! [22:57] <nucular> lewd [22:57] <+jacob1> jBot-42: stop watching, it's rude [22:57] <+jacob1> :) [22:57] * tsoutseki bites nucular's bottom lip, giving them soft scking and licking their upper teeth [22:58] * nucular {{generic cybering action}} [22:58] <tsoutseki> nucular, your mouth is so fresh [22:58] Join: unrealskill_ [unaffiliated/unrealskill] [22:58] <nucular> thanks, I'm addicted to cough drops [22:58] <Guest87194> can i get in on this action? [22:58] * Guest87194 forces unrealskill_ onto the bed [22:59] * tsoutseki pushes nucular back gently, having their back to touch the wall, while staring them in their eyes frustrated. grabs their hand and leads them to the bed, rushing and leaving behind his hot breath to nucular's face, holding their hand tighter and tighter [23:00] <Ristovski> HAHAHHAHAHAAH [23:00] * nucular inserts disk [23:00] <Ristovski> nucular: omfg [23:00] * Ristovski sides [23:00] * tsoutseki removes his belt and ties nucular's arms [23:00] <+jacob1> $kban tsoutseki 6000 troll, go away [23:00] Mode: [+b *!*@unaffiliated/tsoutseki] by StewieGriffinSub [23:00] Kick: tsoutseki by StewieGriffinSub [troll, go away] [23:00] <Ristovski> O M F G [23:00] <Ristovski> XAXAXAXAXA [23:00] <Ristovski> jacob1: whyyyy [23:00] <Xenoth> kek. [23:00] <Ristovski> dude I was having such a good time [23:01] <+jacob1> you got here too late Ristovski <3 [23:01] <+jacob1> nucular was already having all the good times [23:01] <Ristovski> god damnit [23:01] <Ristovski> was that a lowkey diss [23:01] <Ristovski> dayum bruh