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[19:14] <nucular> [19:14] <Mrprocom> /kick <user> [<reason>] [19:14] <BWBellairs> lol [19:14] <Mrprocom> some people use [reason] instead of [<reason>] [19:14] <Mrprocom> both are right [19:14] <BWBellairs> [19:14] <@StewieGriffinSub> Forum post is "Thread Revival Day" in the General section, posted by KydonShadow and has 15 replies. Last post was by jacob1 at 2014-06-18 05:48:04 [19:14] <Mrprocom> I prefer [<optional>] [19:14] <Mrprocom> since you can do cool stuff with it like [19:15] <Mrprocom> [flags=<flags>] [19:15] <BWBellairs> nucular: Where do you find that stuff?!? It's terrible [19:16] <nucular> BWBellairs: how is that terrible [19:16] * BWBellairs coughs "language, references" [19:16] <nucular> BWBellairs: elaborate [19:18] <BWBellairs> not at all