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<mniip> runTM $ do { liftIO $ print "hello"; undo } <mniip> which prints "hello", and then undoes that <mniip> this all works nicely with suspensions <MiningMarsh> mniip: what does undo mean in that context? <MiningMarsh> mniip: does it print hello, then some \b ? <mniip> it unprints "hello" <MiningMarsh> mniip: or does it not print at all. <mniip> no, it doesn't actually print hello <MiningMarsh> That makes more sense <mniip> but that's hidden from the user <MiningMarsh> mniip: That is neat. How well does this play with user input? <MiningMarsh> can you undo a read? <MiningMarsh> what happens if you do? <mniip> that creates a temporal paradox