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<BWBellairs> I'm having trouble with GitHub desktop again <Doxin> BWBellairs: so don't use it. it sucks. <BWBellairs> Doxin, What do you suggest I use instead? <BWBellairs> hmm <BWBellairs> maybe Git? <Doxin> literally anything else, but use the goddamn commandline mostly. <Lucozade> BWBellairs, use updog instead of git <Lucozade> it's a better client <Lucozade> BWBellairs, use updog <BWBellairs> I'm gonna download it right after I unistall GithUb desktop <Lucozade> updog? <Lucozade> BWBellairs, goddammit <Lucozade> you're meant to as "what's updog?" <BWBellairs> what? <BWBellairs> oh <Lucozade> then I say "NOTHING WHAT'S UP WITH YOU?" <BWBellairs> "what's updog?" <Lucozade> "NOTHING WHAT'S UP WITH YOU?" <BWBellairs> "IDK <BWBellairs> "IDK" <BWBellairs> lol <BWBellairs> Lucozade, What do I say next? <BWBellairs> I can't find it online <BWBellairs> nvm <nucular> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> I'll install Git <BWBellairs> nucular, who is? <nucular> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> nucular, who is? <nucular> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> nucular, Lucozade? <Lucozade> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> lol <BWBellairs> nucular vs Lucozade