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<Ristovski> nucular: how can I make a drug? <Ristovski> RadioNeat: ^ <nucular> Ristovski: here's how to make crystal meth <Ristovski> nucular: seen it <RadioNeat> Ristovski: get no-salt <RadioNeat> Ristovski: potassium chloride <RadioNeat> now inject it into you <RadioNeat> inject approximately 3 ml into yourself <BWBellairs> RadioNeat: have you done this before? <RadioNeat> possibly <Ristovski> RadioNeat: aawwww shit maaan Im sooooo high <Ristovski> wait shit i think im gonna faint <Ristovski> wht tthe factual fuc radoneat i fucking ghagte you maet <RadioNeat> Ristovski: i joke <RadioNeat> Ristovski: it was simply a component to the death injection