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<Bowserinator2> @reloadFiles <AegisServer> Files reloaded <AegisServer> Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart. <Bowserinator2> @say #botwar sorry <Bowserinator2> @remoteunban #botwar Bowserinator2 <Bowserinator2> @remoteunban #botwar * <Bowserinator2> @join #botwar <Bowserinator2> @join #Botwar * AegisServer has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[02:47:18] <no-n> have you ever seen: "EYE DOCTORS FEAR HIM. MAN DISCOVERS BRAIN DEAD SOLUTION TO RESTORE YOUR 20/20 VISION" [02:47:31] <no-n> and it has a pic of this old farmer guy [02:54:16] <Skylark> i would have seen him, if i had 20-20 vision [02:57:08] <no-n> well, if you were an eye doctor you would have been very frightened
<Ristovski> nucular: how can I make a drug? <Ristovski> RadioNeat: ^ <nucular> Ristovski: here's how to make crystal meth <Ristovski> nucular: seen it <RadioNeat> Ristovski: get no-salt <RadioNeat> Ristovski: potassium chloride <RadioNeat> now inject it into you <RadioNeat> inject approximately 3 ml into yourself <BWBellairs> RadioNeat: have you done this before? <RadioNeat> possibly <Ristovski> RadioNeat: aawwww shit maaan Im sooooo high <Ristovski> wait shit i think im gonna faint <Ristovski> wht tthe factual fuc radoneat i fucking ghagte you maet <RadioNeat> Ristovski: i joke <RadioNeat> Ristovski: it was simply a component to the death injection
* Ristovski just ate onion salad * Ristovski exhales straight into boxmein's nose * boxmein fixes depression <+boxmein> nice <Ristovski> lmao
<Doxin> > shitting your pants at 60Hz <Ristovski> Doxin: wait what <Ristovski> at 60hz? <Doxin> yes. <Ristovski> Doxin: nice <Doxin> generally under influence of 230v or so. <Doxin> -10%/+5% I think <Ristovski> Doxin: I shit my pants at 110V <Ristovski> 220V gives me straight up diarrhea
<RadioNeat> i will murder this guy violently <RadioNeat> i will rip apart his scrotum and hammer his testicles <RadioNeat> and feed them to him while he cries in pain <Deez_Nuts> RadioNeat, I have put you on a permanent ignore, public and private. I have found you disturbing, rude and generally not worth talking to. According to the channels you hang on, it strengtens the effect of wanting to put you on ignore because of my lack of interest in you as a person. <Deez_Nuts> This message is not meant to be rude to you, just to inform you that i won't see anything of what you type from now on. ABOUT 3 MINUTES LATER <Deez_Nuts> Dear RadioNeat, you have been taken off my ignore list. It shows much love <3
<boxmein> no butts <boxmein> I had enough butts for one day from the nicki minaj video <boxmein> way too many
<Ristovski> but the convo we made <Ristovski> everyone laughed <Ristovski> it was like <Ristovski> blah blah
<evil_dan2wik> so why does he rarely visit? <jacob1> I have no idea what he does IRL <jacob1> maybe he has a job, maybe he has a wife, who knows :P <mniip> pfft <mniip> >ximon <mniip> >wife <mniip> he'd forget about her and then come back in a month and find out she divorced him
<jokleinn> i want to join isis
<sheepgames> is the server down again? <Ristovski> sheepgames, Ximon took a bribe <Ristovski> and took it down, yes <Ximon> You are correct <Ximon> Because I forgot to pay bill, loooool --- <Ximon> Okay, site is fixed <Ximon> Paid the bill, lol
<Catelite> but the meat of the action gameplay isn't that hard to grasp -- some time passes -- <Lucozade> "the meat isn't that hard to grasp" - Catelite 2015 <Lucozade> I'm so sorry <mniip> lenny face.jpeg <boxmein> Lucozade: "but the meat of the /.../ ga/.../y isn't that hard to grasp" -- catelite 2015+3-2-1 <Lucozade> boxmein, rofl <Lucozade> boxmein, you win <boxmein> Lucozade: "but t/.../ meat /.../ c/.../a/.../p/.../n'/.../hard /.../o gr/.../s" <Lucozade> boxmein, FUCKING DYING <Lucozade> boxmein, it's like 00:44 over here <Lucozade> boxmein, I'm gonna wake my family up stfu
<jacob1> a long time ago MiningMarsh was an op candidate :P <jacob1> (for #powder) <MiningMarsh> jacob1: really? <MiningMarsh> how did that happen <MiningMarsh> "You know guys, I really want #powder to go downhill" <jacob1> I used to think either you / boxmein /mniip <jacob1> but then I picked boxmein / mniip :P <MiningMarsh> jacob1: I want me some sweet op <jacob1> nope <jacob1> :) <boxmein> lol <Ristovski> jacob1, what about me? <Ristovski> >slav mode <jacob1> you were once a ban candidate, Ristovski <jacob1> but then I decided on FF50 instead
<MiningMarsh> I sexually identify as dish soap <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: oh, I thought just ordinary soap <MiningMarsh> I enjoy long rubs on the silverware
<+Skylark> RadioNeat: i'm fucking metal
[02:05:16] <boxmein> MiningMarsh: hey MiningMarsh [02:05:18] <boxmein> hey hey MiningMarsh [02:05:20] <boxmein> ( [02:05:27] <MiningMarsh> ( [02:05:41] <MiningMarsh> well shit
<Ristovski> savask confirmed liking women with big "Aerodynamic" booty <savask> "supersonic"
<savask> Doxin: So a woman with cellulite is the best aerodynamic shape?
<Lucozade> tfw look <Lucozade> fucking enter key being so close to backspace <Lucozade> can people please not quote me on that
<coca_koala> 6:07:34 PM <@KindOne>Star Wars Episode 8: The Shill Returns <Scourje> There is an entire troll wars trilogy <coca_koala> does shill ping u or something <Scourje> Yes
<RadioNeat> ivel236: if you need help with chemistry shit just come teo me or some shit <RadioNeat> ping me or whatever <nucular> RadioNeat: you sound incredible tsundere right now 😂😂👍💯 <RadioNeat> what is box box box box <RadioNeat> searching up the meaning of "tsundere" i think quite so <nucular> RadioNeat: face with tears of joy face with tears of joy thumbs up sign hundred points symbol <RadioNeat> nucular: oh ok <RadioNeat> i search up "tsundere" and this is what i see <RadioNeat> man people are obsessed with pentai or whatever its called
<boxmein> MiningMarsh: damn, that's pretty high on the masterrace
18:18:18] --> AwesomeBroTy (redacted) has joined #powder [18:18:32] * AwesomeBroTy looks for jenkob [18:18:48] <Skwid> not here sorry [18:19:03] <+jacob1> :P [18:19:29] <AwesomeBroTy> lol [18:19:44] <AwesomeBroTy> jacob the icon doesn't look that great when minimised [18:19:48] <AwesomeBroTy> it's mainly the flames [18:19:55] <+jacob1> :P [18:19:58] <AwesomeBroTy> (which weren't really my idea) [18:20:00] <AwesomeBroTy> :P [18:20:05] * AwesomeBroTy is :P [18:20:23] <Skwid> AwesomeBroTy, do tell, how old are you? [18:20:39] * AwesomeBroTy is 15 [18:20:46] * AwesomeBroTy is smart though [18:20:58] <Skwid> I'm 12 but mature for my age~~!!!!!!!! [18:21:06] * AwesomeBroTy agrees [18:21:43] * AwesomeBroTy has computer science next and he is the best in class [18:27:03] <AwesomeBroTy> so was that jacob a script [18:27:11] <AwesomeBroTy> fake jacob :( ? [18:27:32] <+jacob1> :P [18:27:50] <Skwid> yeah jacob1 is a bot [18:28:00] <AwesomeBroTy> [18:28:01] <+jacob1> :P [18:28:01] <@StewieGriffinSub> Youtube video is "Darth Vader NO!" [18:28:17] <AwesomeBroTy> i cri [18:28:23] <AwesomeBroTy> so whenever i say jacob [18:28:31] <AwesomeBroTy> or jacob1 [18:28:34] <AwesomeBroTy> no [18:28:34] <Skwid> jacob1 [18:28:40] <+jacob1> :P [18:28:40] <AwesomeBroTy> ok.... [18:28:42] <Skwid> it lags some times [18:28:51] <AwesomeBroTy> wow jacob [18:28:55] <+jacob1> :P [18:29:09] <AwesomeBroTy> oh [18:29:10] <AwesomeBroTy> thre [18:29:22] <AwesomeBroTy> spam messages with 'jacob1' [18:29:27] <+jacob1> :P [18:29:33] <AwesomeBroTy> XD meanwhile in ##powder-bots [18:29:10] <Skwid> jacob1, you are fucking amazing [18:29:15] <+jacob1> lol
[14:01:43] * StewieGriffinSub has quit (*.net *.split) <list of 30 other people net splitting) [14:02:38] <RadioNeat> fuck [14:02:54] <RadioNeat> jacksonmj: can't kick me [14:02:58] <RadioNeat> i mean [14:02:59] <RadioNeat> jacob1: [14:03:08] <RadioNeat> jacksonmj: you can kick me ily <3 [14:03:10] * jacob1 eats RadioNeat [14:03:12] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to jacob1 [14:03:12] <jacksonmj> wat [14:03:14] <RadioNeat> oh SHIT [14:03:16] * jacob1 has kicked RadioNeat from #powder (DIE DIE DIE) [14:03:25] <jacob1> :)
<BWBellairs> I'm having trouble with GitHub desktop again <Doxin> BWBellairs: so don't use it. it sucks. <BWBellairs> Doxin, What do you suggest I use instead? <BWBellairs> hmm <BWBellairs> maybe Git? <Doxin> literally anything else, but use the goddamn commandline mostly. <Lucozade> BWBellairs, use updog instead of git <Lucozade> it's a better client <Lucozade> BWBellairs, use updog <BWBellairs> I'm gonna download it right after I unistall GithUb desktop <Lucozade> updog? <Lucozade> BWBellairs, goddammit <Lucozade> you're meant to as "what's updog?" <BWBellairs> what? <BWBellairs> oh <Lucozade> then I say "NOTHING WHAT'S UP WITH YOU?" <BWBellairs> "what's updog?" <Lucozade> "NOTHING WHAT'S UP WITH YOU?" <BWBellairs> "IDK <BWBellairs> "IDK" <BWBellairs> lol <BWBellairs> Lucozade, What do I say next? <BWBellairs> I can't find it online <BWBellairs> nvm <nucular> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> I'll install Git <BWBellairs> nucular, who is? <nucular> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> nucular, who is? <nucular> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> nucular, Lucozade? <Lucozade> dense motherfucker <BWBellairs> lol <BWBellairs> nucular vs Lucozade
<Mrprocom> BWBellairs: trolling is bad <Mrprocom> seriously
20:53] <BWBellairs> nucular: I might ask for a server for christmas [20:53] <BWBellairs> So I can host my znc? [20:53] <nucular> lol [20:54] <BWBellairs> How would I even set up znc? [20:54] <nucular> "ayy momma can you buy me amazon aws 4 christmas pls" [20:54] <BWBellairs> "sure", "how much is it?" [20:54] <BWBellairs> "$1000000000" [20:55] <BWBellairs> "ok son"
"I'll add [...] what 9gag does" -boxmein, 2015
[00:10:01] <StewieGriffin> User Banned: sandn***er was just perm banned by jacob1. Given reason: adsf [00:10:30] <nucular> asdf is not a valid ban reason [00:10:32] <nucular> MOD ABUSE [00:10:34] <nucular> MOD ABUSE
> nucular tells thisiskai that `/part <name> <message>` is how you private message someone Thisiskai has left #powder ["Ristovskiy did u want to know my cusins infomashon"] Thisiskai has left #powder ["ristovski y did it etake me out of channel"] <MiningMarsh> oh lol <MiningMarsh> nucular: You are a genius <nucular> hehehe Thisiskai has left #powder ["nucular plz help the mesage is not working"] Thisiskai has left #powder ["nucular plz help me fix my mesage it keeps making me go out the chanle plz"]