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<Doxin> boxmein: I feel like you are overrepresented in the qdb :P <boxmein> Doxin: add quotesssss <boxmein> Doxin: doing it <Doxin> boxmein: neverrrrrrrrrrr
<boxmein> my fucking window fell off <boxmein> lol <boxmein> like <boxmein> actual room window fell off <Ristovski> wat <Ristovski> WAT <Ristovski> WAT <boxmein> lol i'm bleeding from catching it <boxmein> brb <Ristovski> WHAT <Ristovski> THE <Ristovski> ACTUAL <Ristovski> FUCK
<Lucozade> boxmein, since when is Ristovski autistic <Lucozade> fuck <Lucozade> FUCK <Lucozade> ARTISTIC <Lucozade> boxmein, oh god
[17:55.49] <+Switzerland> Certain ops are on an exclusion list. Just like how I can't kick Catelite [17:55.59] <+Switzerland> $kick Catelite Test [17:56.00] * StewieGriffin has kicked Catelite from #powder (Test - Kicked 7 times (1 by Switzerland)) [17:56.02] <+Switzerland> Oh... [17:56.04] <+Switzerland> Wait.. [17:56.11] * Switzerland hides
[13:58.43] <savask> boxmein: Sometimes I look at all those DARPA robotic challenges or Google cars and think that I can do a lot better. [13:59.02] <boxmein> savask: I always say, why aren't you doing it then? :P [13:59.11] <+savask> They don't allow humans there [13:59.15] <+savask> *ba-dum-tsss*
<sheepgames> how do i make compressed merc <Eyes> sit on it
<CeeJayBee> Ristovski, dang, my man bb is ded
<boxmein> Mrprocom: wasn't that insane <boxmein> it was like <boxmein> huge
<CeeJayBee> Switzerland, it's been over a year <CeeJayBee> are you going to judge <jacob1> wrong link CeeJayBee ? <CeeJayBee> Good point <CeeJayBee>
<Ristovski> Mrprocom, Perhaps we can somehow startle him to being here <Ristovski> hmm <Ristovski> ief015_, I am not your bitch and will never be (yes I still remember the day when you said all #powder users are your bitches) <Cacophony> I've seen him talk only once <Cacophony> and he was trolling somebody that was certainly without a doubt me <Mrprocom> Ristovski: lol, it's visible when you do $see ief015_ <ief015_> weiners  
<meowPolice> the giant balls don't work well <jacob1> they are still fun to watch sometimes :P <jacob1> but really buggy <jacob1> they used to be far worse
<solitaire> do you guys know any cool w8 skins <Ristovski> solitaire, are you looking for <Ristovski> solitaire, windows 8 <Ristovski> themes? <solitaire> er <solitaire> yeah <solitaire> i'm using Silk right now but i'm not sure * Ristovski inhale * Ristovski inhale * Ristovski inhale <Ristovski> BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
[23:05.35] <Ristovski> boxmein, kick me [23:05.47] <boxmein> Ristovski: if you say so [23:05.49] <boxmein> $kick Ristovski [23:05.49] * StewieGriffin has kicked Ristovski from #powder (Bye o/ - Kicked 78 times (1 by boxmein)) [23:05.55] * Ristovski (ristovski@unaffiliated/ristovski) has joined #powder [23:05.58] <Ristovski> >actually kicked me [23:06.07] <Ristovski> :'( [23:06.12] <Ristovski> I believed in you boxmein
* Ristovski spotlight contorl <Ristovski> >contorl
<nucular> I should make a website in Tyrone as a POC <boxmein> nucular: can tyrone into node <nucular> ya <nucular> I guess callbacks will set it on fire though <mniip> nucular, just call callbacks mixtapes <boxmein> ...was <boxmein> was that mniip making a joke <boxmein> Ristovski: get in here <boxmein> Ristovski: mniip made a joke <nucular> amazing <Ristovski> :O <Ristovski> OMG MARK THIS DAY A HOLIDAY
* Doxin takes position atop Skylarks head <Doxin> Skylark: I am a hat. <Skylark> i think my hat needs a wash
<mniip> runTM $ do { liftIO $ print "hello"; undo } <mniip> which prints "hello", and then undoes that <mniip> this all works nicely with suspensions <MiningMarsh> mniip: what does undo mean in that context? <MiningMarsh> mniip: does it print hello, then some \b ? <mniip> it unprints "hello" <MiningMarsh> mniip: or does it not print at all. <mniip> no, it doesn't actually print hello <MiningMarsh> That makes more sense <mniip> but that's hidden from the user <MiningMarsh> mniip: That is neat. How well does this play with user input? <MiningMarsh> can you undo a read? <MiningMarsh> what happens if you do? <mniip> that creates a temporal paradox 
[20:31:28] <jacobot> <GasTheJews2016> Is my name offesive?
<Switzerland> Doxin: Looks like the Dutch navy has finally upgraded. <Doxin> lol <Doxin> Switzerland: we actually have a pretty impressive navy <Doxin> Switzerland: that thing is a research vessel which looks all kinds of funny <Switzerland> Doxin: gondolas and canal boats don't count <Doxin> no, an actual navy <Switzerland> Doxin: Niether do fishing boats.  
[16:34:03] <iam> jacob1! [16:34:10] <jacob1> moo [16:34:19] <jacob1> come place fences [16:34:30] <iam> :< [16:34:33] <iam> i need to edit video [16:35:17] <jacob1> iam: PLACE FENCES [16:35:31] <iam> <_< [16:35:37] <iam> looks like you have enough fences already [16:35:47] <jacob1> nope [16:36:00] <boxmein> so many fences [16:36:09] <iam> what will this farm generate..? [16:36:14] <jacob1> fences