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<boxmein> my fucking window fell off <boxmein> lol <boxmein> like <boxmein> actual room window fell off <Ristovski> wat <Ristovski> WAT <Ristovski> WAT <boxmein> lol i'm bleeding from catching it <boxmein> brb <Ristovski> WHAT <Ristovski> THE <Ristovski> ACTUAL <Ristovski> FUCK
* Doxin takes position atop Skylarks head <Doxin> Skylark: I am a hat. <Skylark> i think my hat needs a wash
* miningma1sh fucks himself with a dildo.
[16:34:03] <iam> jacob1! [16:34:10] <jacob1> moo [16:34:19] <jacob1> come place fences [16:34:30] <iam> :< [16:34:33] <iam> i need to edit video [16:35:17] <jacob1> iam: PLACE FENCES [16:35:31] <iam> <_< [16:35:37] <iam> looks like you have enough fences already [16:35:47] <jacob1> nope [16:36:00] <boxmein> so many fences [16:36:09] <iam> what will this farm generate..? [16:36:14] <jacob1> fences
<boxmein> Ristovski: look at how much time i'm saving by not having to debug EVERYTHING <Ristovski> boxmein: You are over exaggarating <Ristovski> boxmein: also, >free linux experience <Ristovski> >boxmein go to uni <Ristovski> >supercomputer bork <Ristovski> >running leenux <Ristovski> >noone knows how to fix <boxmein> > uni <Ristovski> >boxmein says "MOVE" <boxmein> > supercomputer <Ristovski> >types fastly on keyboard <Ristovski> >shit works <boxmein> well we have one compute cluster but all i get on that is crt and octave <Ristovski> >boxmein stands up, walks away
<Switzerland> Doxin: Looks like the Dutch navy has finally upgraded. <Doxin> lol <Doxin> Switzerland: we actually have a pretty impressive navy <Doxin> Switzerland: that thing is a research vessel which looks all kinds of funny <Switzerland> Doxin: gondolas and canal boats don't count <Doxin> no, an actual navy <Switzerland> Doxin: Niether do fishing boats.  
<+savask> "Linux physicist Rafael Ristovski was the first to measure the fundamental constant of linux driver crashing frequency, on the unique experiment of crashing GPU drivers"
<sheepgames> how do i make compressed merc <Eyes> sit on it
<Lucozade> boxmein, since when is Ristovski autistic <Lucozade> fuck <Lucozade> FUCK <Lucozade> ARTISTIC <Lucozade> boxmein, oh god
[17:33.37] <+mniip> keep in mind I didn't know how knock knock jokes work until a year ago
[20:31:28] <jacobot> <GasTheJews2016> Is my name offesive?
<jokleinn> i want to join isis
[05:13] <+boxmein> savask, well I just look at cool pictures of server rooms and say to myself [05:13] <+boxmein> savask, "damn, that rack"
[21:14:53] <iam> what if i told you that you could hold your breath for the rest of your life [21:15:27] <iam> give a man fire and he's warm for a night, light a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life [21:16:03] <iam> of you laid out everyone around the equator, most of them would drown [21:16:45] <Endymion> iam, thank you. [21:17:13] <iam> Endymion: i'm here all night [21:17:33] <Endymion> iam, I want more [21:17:55] * jacob1 demands MORE [21:17:57] <iam> artist found dead in home, details are... sketchy [21:17:59] <iam> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [21:18:01] <jacob1> :D [21:18:13] <Endymion> :D
[00:02:01] <+jacob1> also omg, what is this all over my leg [00:02:07] <boxmein> is it skin [00:02:10] <+jacob1> did I sit on chocolate or something ... better be chocolate
<Catelite> but the meat of the action gameplay isn't that hard to grasp -- some time passes -- <Lucozade> "the meat isn't that hard to grasp" - Catelite 2015 <Lucozade> I'm so sorry <mniip> lenny face.jpeg <boxmein> Lucozade: "but the meat of the /.../ ga/.../y isn't that hard to grasp" -- catelite 2015+3-2-1 <Lucozade> boxmein, rofl <Lucozade> boxmein, you win <boxmein> Lucozade: "but t/.../ meat /.../ c/.../a/.../p/.../n'/.../hard /.../o gr/.../s" <Lucozade> boxmein, FUCKING DYING <Lucozade> boxmein, it's like 00:44 over here <Lucozade> boxmein, I'm gonna wake my family up stfu
[23:05.35] <Ristovski> boxmein, kick me [23:05.47] <boxmein> Ristovski: if you say so [23:05.49] <boxmein> $kick Ristovski [23:05.49] * StewieGriffin has kicked Ristovski from #powder (Bye o/ - Kicked 78 times (1 by boxmein)) [23:05.55] * Ristovski (ristovski@unaffiliated/ristovski) has joined #powder [23:05.58] <Ristovski> >actually kicked me [23:06.07] <Ristovski> :'( [23:06.12] <Ristovski> I believed in you boxmein
/ banter / [19:22.12] <Lucozade> Ristovski, did it take you that long to work that out [19:22.18] <Ristovski> boxmein, lol [19:22.19] <+cracker64> moo [19:22.22] <+boxmein> moo [19:22.25] <Fast-Driver> moo [19:22.25] <+Switzerland> moo [19:22.27] <Lucozade> moo [19:22.28] <+mniip> moo / silence / [19:22.42] <Ristovski> stfu :D [19:22.45] <+mniip> fuck you [19:22.47] <Fast-Driver> Fuck you Ristovski [19:22.49] <Lucozade> fuck you Ristovski
20:09 < Ristovski> my laptop is in fucking boxmein mode 20:09 < Ristovski> where shit is glitching 20:09 < Ristovski> wtf 20:09 < Ristovski> ewww 20:09 < Ristovski> why is X so slow 20:09 < Ristovski> boxmein: what did you do 20:09 < Ristovski> brb 20:12 < Ristovski> boxmein: go die? 20:12 < Ristovski> you broke muh gentoo
<boxmein> MiningMarsh: damn, that's pretty high on the masterrace
<Finland> what is supposed to have? <boxmein> Finland: you'll see <Finland> boxmein: yeah <Finland> boxmein: I see it now <Finland> boxmein:
<mniip> runTM $ do { liftIO $ print "hello"; undo } <mniip> which prints "hello", and then undoes that <mniip> this all works nicely with suspensions <MiningMarsh> mniip: what does undo mean in that context? <MiningMarsh> mniip: does it print hello, then some \b ? <mniip> it unprints "hello" <MiningMarsh> mniip: or does it not print at all. <mniip> no, it doesn't actually print hello <MiningMarsh> That makes more sense <mniip> but that's hidden from the user <MiningMarsh> mniip: That is neat. How well does this play with user input? <MiningMarsh> can you undo a read? <MiningMarsh> what happens if you do? <mniip> that creates a temporal paradox 
[13:58.43] <savask> boxmein: Sometimes I look at all those DARPA robotic challenges or Google cars and think that I can do a lot better. [13:59.02] <boxmein> savask: I always say, why aren't you doing it then? :P [13:59.11] <+savask> They don't allow humans there [13:59.15] <+savask> *ba-dum-tsss*
<sheepgames> is the server down again? <Ristovski> sheepgames, Ximon took a bribe <Ristovski> and took it down, yes <Ximon> You are correct <Ximon> Because I forgot to pay bill, loooool --- <Ximon> Okay, site is fixed <Ximon> Paid the bill, lol
<boxmein> no butts <boxmein> I had enough butts for one day from the nicki minaj video <boxmein> way too many
<CeeJayBee> Switzerland, it's been over a year <CeeJayBee> are you going to judge <jacob1> wrong link CeeJayBee ? <CeeJayBee> Good point <CeeJayBee>
[17:55.49] <+Switzerland> Certain ops are on an exclusion list. Just like how I can't kick Catelite [17:55.59] <+Switzerland> $kick Catelite Test [17:56.00] * StewieGriffin has kicked Catelite from #powder (Test - Kicked 7 times (1 by Switzerland)) [17:56.02] <+Switzerland> Oh... [17:56.04] <+Switzerland> Wait..  [17:56.11] * Switzerland hides
<Lucozade> SkyTheLeafeon, why can't you use hexchat <Lucozade> what is wrong with you <Lucozade> that means you can't use a vastly superior client to qwebirc <Finland> he is missing some requrements afaik <Finland> requirements even <Lucozade> how <Lucozade> how can you not have enough reqs for literally a feed of text <Finland> SkyTheLeafeon: you might want to try older versions of hexchat <SkyTheLeafeon> Don't get all pissy with me, people. <Finland> even though it's really worth it <SkyTheLeafeon> The truth is, my mom caught me trying to open it and she banned me from doing so. <Lucozade> ...
<jacob1> VIM, prevents you from exiting the game when onscreen
> nucular tells thisiskai that `/part <name> <message>` is how you private message someone Thisiskai has left #powder ["Ristovskiy did u want to know my cusins infomashon"] Thisiskai has left #powder ["ristovski y did it etake me out of channel"] <MiningMarsh> oh lol <MiningMarsh> nucular: You are a genius <nucular> hehehe Thisiskai has left #powder ["nucular plz help the mesage is not working"] Thisiskai has left #powder ["nucular plz help me fix my mesage it keeps making me go out the chanle plz"]