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<jokleinn> i want to join isis
23:56 <+Skylark> >>.>> 23:56 <+Skylark> *shifty eyes*
* Ristovski just ate onion salad * Ristovski exhales straight into boxmein's nose * boxmein fixes depression <+boxmein> nice <Ristovski> lmao
<Ristovski> but the convo we made <Ristovski> everyone laughed <Ristovski> it was like <Ristovski> blah blah
[01:06] <chemistry> [01:06] <chemistry> "YELLOW PEOPLE" [01:06] <chemistry> huh [01:07] <chemistry> i guess they had kidney disorders? [01:07] <chemistry> or liver disorder [01:07] <chemistry> or something
<Mrprocom> I think people who are attempting to commit suicide should be prevented and used for doing dangerous researches on their body that could result in their death instead of letting them die without making any use of their body <Mrprocom> I have no idea why this is not happening <Mrprocom> it doesn't sound illegal
17:58 <+Mrprocom> I don't see a Diag element! 17:58 < Diag> Mrprocom: I see your element 17:58 < Diag> BOMB
[17:55.49] <+Switzerland> Certain ops are on an exclusion list. Just like how I can't kick Catelite [17:55.59] <+Switzerland> $kick Catelite Test [17:56.00] * StewieGriffin has kicked Catelite from #powder (Test - Kicked 7 times (1 by Switzerland)) [17:56.02] <+Switzerland> Oh... [17:56.04] <+Switzerland> Wait.. [17:56.11] * Switzerland hides
[02:18:03] <chemistry> do birds have tiny arms [02:18:13] <chemistry> or did evolution just like [02:18:14] <chemistry> slice them off
* Ristovski spotlight contorl <Ristovski> >contorl
[22:55] <+jacob1> nucular: don't tell me how to moderate :) [22:55] <nucular> jacob1: don't moderate me how to tell :) [22:55] <Guest87194> er [22:55] <tsoutseki> nucular, wow smart [22:56] <tsoutseki> nucular, u r a cute xoxo [22:56] <nucular> thanks babe [22:56] <jBot-42> ._. [22:56] * tsoutseki makes out with nucular [22:56] <jBot-42> !_! [22:57] <nucular> lewd [22:57] <+jacob1> jBot-42: stop watching, it's rude [22:57] <+jacob1> :) [22:57] * tsoutseki bites nucular's bottom lip, giving them soft scking and licking their upper teeth [22:58] * nucular {{generic cybering action}} [22:58] <tsoutseki> nucular, your mouth is so fresh [22:58] Join: unrealskill_ [unaffiliated/unrealskill] [22:58] <nucular> thanks, I'm addicted to cough drops [22:58] <Guest87194> can i get in on this action? [22:58] * Guest87194 forces unrealskill_ onto the bed [22:59] * tsoutseki pushes nucular back gently, having their back to touch the wall, while staring them in their eyes frustrated. grabs their hand and leads them to the bed, rushing and leaving behind his hot breath to nucular's face, holding their hand tighter and tighter [23:00] <Ristovski> HAHAHHAHAHAAH [23:00] * nucular inserts disk [23:00] <Ristovski> nucular: omfg [23:00] * Ristovski sides [23:00] * tsoutseki removes his belt and ties nucular's arms [23:00] <+jacob1> $kban tsoutseki 6000 troll, go away [23:00] Mode: [+b *!*@unaffiliated/tsoutseki] by StewieGriffinSub [23:00] Kick: tsoutseki by StewieGriffinSub [troll, go away] [23:00] <Ristovski> O M F G [23:00] <Ristovski> XAXAXAXAXA [23:00] <Ristovski> jacob1: whyyyy [23:00] <Xenoth> kek. [23:00] <Ristovski> dude I was having such a good time [23:01] <+jacob1> you got here too late Ristovski <3 [23:01] <+jacob1> nucular was already having all the good times [23:01] <Ristovski> god damnit [23:01] <Ristovski> was that a lowkey diss [23:01] <Ristovski> dayum bruh
<jacob1> a long time ago MiningMarsh was an op candidate :P <jacob1> (for #powder) <MiningMarsh> jacob1: really? <MiningMarsh> how did that happen <MiningMarsh> "You know guys, I really want #powder to go downhill" <jacob1> I used to think either you / boxmein /mniip <jacob1> but then I picked boxmein / mniip :P <MiningMarsh> jacob1: I want me some sweet op <jacob1> nope <jacob1> :) <boxmein> lol <Ristovski> jacob1, what about me? <Ristovski> >slav mode <jacob1> you were once a ban candidate, Ristovski <jacob1> but then I decided on FF50 instead
<boxdoor> so uhhhh <boxdoor> I totes didn't accidentally lock me and my friend out as we ran outside to disarm the automatic 9pm alarm <boxdoor> the stupid internal alarm system force-enables every 9pm and can't be disabled until 9:20 because it takes 20 minutes to arm <boxdoor> also, completely unrelatedly <boxdoor> can I tap into an electrical system/watch the signals being sent without immediate detection <Ristovski> lol <Ristovski> "totally unrelated" <boxdoor> ie, if a hypothetical and totally theoretical security system would send a signal to central control about obtaining alarm status and/or causing alarm, could I revengineer and/or watch the state from some sort of device of first party interest <boxdoor> if one would imagine a hypothetical building with thick brick walls and little to no windows, the building would obviously not pass sound very well <boxdoor> so the siren blaring outside would obviously be unhearable inside especially with hypothetical music playing hypothetically <boxdoor> obviously all of this is an experiment in thought right
<denza252> how will you monetize tpt <+jacob1> why would I want to monetize tpt <denza252> to afford the housing costs of san fransisco <denza252> only $5000 a month for a quarter studio with shared bathroom shared kitchen shared internet and shared bed <+Switzerland> denza252: You forgot about the shared toilet paper, shared underwear, shared shoes, shared bus pass, and shared cooking <+Switzerland> And all that, you'll be in a cool loss of 500$ a month still! <denza252> it's a human centipede sort of affair but without all the glamour
[02:47:18] <no-n> have you ever seen: "EYE DOCTORS FEAR HIM. MAN DISCOVERS BRAIN DEAD SOLUTION TO RESTORE YOUR 20/20 VISION" [02:47:31] <no-n> and it has a pic of this old farmer guy [02:54:16] <Skylark> i would have seen him, if i had 20-20 vision [02:57:08] <no-n> well, if you were an eye doctor you would have been very frightened
<Bowserinator2> @reloadFiles <AegisServer> Files reloaded <AegisServer> Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart. <Bowserinator2> @say #botwar sorry <Bowserinator2> @remoteunban #botwar Bowserinator2 <Bowserinator2> @remoteunban #botwar * <Bowserinator2> @join #botwar <Bowserinator2> @join #Botwar * AegisServer has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:23.35] <SopaXT> Doxin, want to support my hobby html5 project?
<Doxin> boxmein: I feel like you are overrepresented in the qdb :P <boxmein> Doxin: add quotesssss <boxmein> Doxin: doing it <Doxin> boxmein: neverrrrrrrrrrr
<meowPolice> the giant balls don't work well <jacob1> they are still fun to watch sometimes :P <jacob1> but really buggy <jacob1> they used to be far worse
16:10 < nucular> boxmein: Web will come tumbling down in the next eeh 20 years I bet 16:11 <+boxmein> nucular: meh. unlike webusb, WebBluetooth APIs are an actual thing 16:11 <+mniip> that feel when you don't know what to do next 16:11 < nucular> unless someone practically reinvents the DOM API that is 16:12 <+boxmein> nucular: meh, newer apis are awesome and older ones are relics from 1990 16:12 < Ristovski> >mniip writing own kernel 16:12 < nucular> boxmein: but bluetooth ain't webscale!!! 16:12 <+boxmein> nucular: hehehehe I made it happen 16:13 <+boxmein> nucular: solution is to not let a margin collapse at all, use a fucking div that wraps the top things 16:13 <+boxmein> nucular: "when in doubt, use a div" seems like the motto of the web 16:13 <+mniip> when in doubt, use tables for layout 16:13 < nucular> when in doubt, use a table layout 16:14 < nucular> beat me to it 16:14 <+boxmein> when in doubt, add another library 16:14 < nucular> when in doubt, use a frameset 16:14 <+mniip> when in doubt, <font> 16:14 < nucular> when in doubt, only allow netscape users to access your site 16:15 <+boxmein> when in doubt, screenshot the page you want and use an <img> tag 16:15 < Ristovski> when in doubt, do heroin 16:15 <+mniip> when in doubt, put a MSIE >2.0 requirement on your website 16:15 <+boxmein> (and a <map>) 16:15 < nucular> when in doubt, just use Gopher instead 16:15 <+boxmein> when in doubt, email people who send a HTTP request the page they want 16:16 <+mniip> when in doubt, just draw your website on a <canvas> 16:16 <+mniip> boxmein, jokes aside, that's how GNU/stallman browses the internet 16:17 < nucular> when in doubt, publish your website as a daily glossy-paper-newsletter to your subscribers 16:17 < Ristovski> just fuck shit up ,doubt when in 16:18 <+jacob1> what in doubt, mooooooooooooooo 16:19 <+boxmein> mniip: yeah, and it's ridonkulous 16:19 <+mniip> when in jacob1, 16:19 <+boxmein> when in doubt, HTML-GL 16:19 <+jacob1> O_o 16:19 < Ristovski> when in doubt, just kill yourself
[17:28.17] <+mniip> InanePLatypodus, what language do penguins speak [17:29.13] <+mniip> woohoo [17:29.18] <+mniip> a joke InanePLatypodus doesn't know [17:30.01] <+mniip> Ristovski, what language do penguins speak [17:30.14] <Ristovski> mniip, w/e better than kids [17:30.21] <+mniip> Ristovski, fin-nish
<Ristovski> "uhh ye short pls" == white version of "fuck my shit up fam"
<jacob1> dog farts ): <Catelite> :(
<chemistry> i wonder if on youtube for cats there's shit that pedophile cats post like <chemistry> "if she's 2 days old, i'm 2 days old"
* jeffl36 tends to point out very obvious things
<jombo23-p> Sup savask <savask> Just woke up <jombo23-p> What, are you in Siberia or something savask? Lol <savask> Yeah, I'm in Siberia
20:12 <Doxin> Switzerland: I just know that googley eyes work surprisingly bad on my dildoes.
<nucular> I should make a website in Tyrone as a POC <boxmein> nucular: can tyrone into node <nucular> ya <nucular> I guess callbacks will set it on fire though <mniip> nucular, just call callbacks mixtapes <boxmein> ...was <boxmein> was that mniip making a joke <boxmein> Ristovski: get in here <boxmein> Ristovski: mniip made a joke <nucular> amazing <Ristovski> :O <Ristovski> OMG MARK THIS DAY A HOLIDAY
<Ristovski> man, the amount of hacks I do to get stuff working is unbelievable <Ristovski> savask: I think my mind works in a way that I can get anything to work <boxmein> Ristovski, the amount of time you spend to get shit working on linux is unbelievable :P <Ristovski> boxmein: yes <savask> Ristovski: We shall give you an empty cpp file, tell that it's an AI and eventually you will make it work <savask> "Trick Ristovski into doing actual crazy shit" <Ristovski> hahaha <savask> Daamn, now I know how to make you draw sprites <savask> I will make a random 32x32 image and tell you that suddenly the picture borked <Ristovski> lol <savask> Yeah, and you will "fix" it
[21:28.31] <+mniip> where did savask go [21:28.34] <+mniip> oh I see