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[20:42.00] <boxmein> Eyes: gib [20:42.03] <iovoid> ./use cow [20:42.04] <Eyes> ./give boxmein 1 [20:42.04] <@Crackbot> Eyes: Gave money [20:42.07] <boxmein> Eyes: gib [20:42.09] <Eyes> ./give boxmein 1 [20:42.09] <@Crackbot> Eyes: Gave money [20:42.13] <boxmein> Eyes: gib [20:42.15] <Eyes> ./give boxmein 1 [20:42.15] <@Crackbot> Eyes: Gave money
[21:14:53] <iam> what if i told you that you could hold your breath for the rest of your life [21:15:27] <iam> give a man fire and he's warm for a night, light a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life [21:16:03] <iam> of you laid out everyone around the equator, most of them would drown [21:16:45] <Endymion> iam, thank you. [21:17:13] <iam> Endymion: i'm here all night [21:17:33] <Endymion> iam, I want more [21:17:55] * jacob1 demands MORE [21:17:57] <iam> artist found dead in home, details are... sketchy [21:17:59] <iam> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [21:18:01] <jacob1> :D [21:18:13] <Endymion> :D
[18:08:32] <MonicaGeller99> its big in diameter, but shrinks and gets thicker and juicy inside, AARGH I NEED ONE! [18:08:54] <Ristovski> jacob1: You disgust me [18:09:18] <Ristovski> fuck, why am I so cold [18:09:36] <MonicaGeller99> global warming [18:10:16] <jacob1> u/MonicaGeller99/shrinks/grows/ [18:10:31] * jacob1 hides [18:10:32] * jacob1 has quit (sleep) [18:10:33] * jacob1 is now known as ^j
[22:34:07] <jokleinn> my dick will always taste salty but you're not gonna be able to tell im upset based on the difference in taste kiddo
[13:23.46] <boxmein> Lucozade: you know that seats exist :p [13:23.47] <Lucozade> boxmein, yes [13:23.49] <Lucozade> boxmein, no [13:23.54] <Lucozade> in the uk we don't have seats [13:23.57] <Lucozade> you just sit down [13:23.59] <Lucozade> uh [13:23.59] * StewieGriffinSub sets ban on *!*@unaffiliated/ceejaybee [13:24.00] * StewieGriffinSub has kicked Lucozade from #powder-unregistered (message flood detected) [13:24.06] <boxmein> LOL
[14:01:43] * StewieGriffinSub has quit (*.net *.split) <list of 30 other people net splitting) [14:02:38] <RadioNeat> fuck [14:02:54] <RadioNeat> jacksonmj: can't kick me [14:02:58] <RadioNeat> i mean [14:02:59] <RadioNeat> jacob1: [14:03:08] <RadioNeat> jacksonmj: you can kick me ily <3 [14:03:10] * jacob1 eats RadioNeat [14:03:12] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to jacob1 [14:03:12] <jacksonmj> wat [14:03:14] <RadioNeat> oh SHIT [14:03:16] * jacob1 has kicked RadioNeat from #powder (DIE DIE DIE) [14:03:25] <jacob1> :)
[00:21.28] <+boxmein> Ristovski: [00:21.29] <+boxmein> Ristovski: find the estonia
<Ristovski> savask confirmed liking women with big "Aerodynamic" booty <savask> "supersonic"
[02:05:16] <boxmein> MiningMarsh: hey MiningMarsh [02:05:18] <boxmein> hey hey MiningMarsh [02:05:20] <boxmein> ( [02:05:27] <MiningMarsh> ( [02:05:41] <MiningMarsh> well shit
<Lucozade> tfw look <Lucozade> fucking enter key being so close to backspace <Lucozade> can people please not quote me on that
<savask> Ristovski: Ok, before I quit, I want to share this little moment of retarded humor: <PowderBot> Youtube video is "Каламбур. Бар Каламбур 21 / Calambur. Bar Calambur" <Ristovski> savask: wtf is this <savask> Ristovski: Soviet smosh
***** Meanwhile in ##powder-mc ***** <potatorelay> <jacob614> where did my stairs go <potatorelay> <Dayday246> Upstairs
[19:23.23] <+savask> Oh, that's why cracker64 says "moo" once a while [19:23.27] <+savask> He wants to start a flashmob [19:23.28] <Lucozade> savask .-. [19:23.30] <+jacob2> I was trying to read the backlog, but you guys type so fast that it kept scrolling up [19:23.32] <+Catelite> flashmoo
18:06 < Ristovski> ARE MY EYES DECEIVING ME 18:06 < Ristovski> OR IS THIS THE BEST DAY OF THIS YEAR 18:06 < Diag> Ristovski: is that not the shit 18:06 < Mortvert> no, worst. 18:06 < Ristovski> Mortvert: I fucking love you man 18:06 < Ristovski> <3 18:07 < Diag> Mortvert: run while you still can
*Brussels terrorist attack happens* 15:21 <nucular> Ristovski: well what opinion am I supposed to have 15:22 <Ristovski> nucular: something liek "wow could have stolen all that luggage without anyone stopping me"; "wew lad"; "shieet can steal that xray machine too"; "10/10 well bombed" 15:22 <nucular> Ristovski: merkel did 3/22 15:23 <MiningMarsh> I am now a Muslim. 15:23 <Ristovski> nucular: French Nuclear power plant evacuated 6/10 here comes the radioation 15:23 <MiningMarsh> The terror attack convinced Mr. 15:23 <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: Mashallah 15:23 <MiningMarsh> *me 15:24 <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: oi mate, do you happen to have some semsex on you? 15:24 <Ristovski> semtex* 15:24 <Ristovski> fuck 15:25 <MiningMarsh> I have some allahtex 15:25 <Ristovski> NICE 15:25 <Ristovski> wewlad, boxs znc is gonna get nsachecked 15:26 <nucular> Ristovski: give me a catchy name for an osu! skin 15:28 <Ristovski> nucular: Solar 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "Bombastic (relevant)" 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "Sametex" 15:29 <nucular> lmao 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "SeaFour" 15:30 <MiningMarsh> Fucking top kek. 15:30 <Ristovski> nucular: make each circle a pic of cameron, description: "Click the crosshairs"
<chemistry> fuc me up the anal butthole
17:07 <jombo23-O> Ristovski: 17:07 <jombo23-O> why do you need girls 17:07 <jombo23-O> when you have your hands 17:08 <Ristovski> How will I seed out my slavism then 17:08 <Ristovski> I need to take over the world 17:08 <Ristovski> spread my slavic genes 17:08 <jombo23-O> you do it in a public pool 17:08 <Ristovski> illegally import cousins to america 17:08 <jombo23-O> thats why its called the gene pool
<jeffl35> what's wrong with callbacks?
<Ristovski> I ate like 3 tomatos <Ristovski> fml <Ristovski> downed them with half a litre of water too <Ristovski> boxmein, see, THIS is how you stay hydrated during the summer <Finland> Ristovski: o_o <Finland> half a litre is a lot <Ristovski> Finland, wat <Ristovski> Finland, dude I drink like a litre before bed <Ristovski> aka ~4 glasses of water <Finland> wow <Ristovski> Finland, in like 2 mins <Ristovski> basically, before bed I drink as much as I can <Switzerland> Obviously a camel
<evil_dan2wik> so why does he rarely visit? <jacob1> I have no idea what he does IRL <jacob1> maybe he has a job, maybe he has a wife, who knows :P <mniip> pfft <mniip> >ximon <mniip> >wife <mniip> he'd forget about her and then come back in a month and find out she divorced him
<Ristovski> boxmein, complete the following: * Ristovski is hot <boxmein> Ristovski: clap alooong if you know what happiness is for you <boxmein> Ristovski: you know the rules and so do I <boxmein> Ristovski: don't hurt me / no more <Ristovski> boxmein, that... <Ristovski> was beautiful
<+boxmein> MiningMarsh: I'm at work, had to bail on a ctf contest this thursday, defended 15 credits worth of "practical work" this morning, had a redbull, and on friday will have a signal processing exam <+boxmein> MiningMarsh: gonna have corp vacation at the end of month, which is Nice <MiningMarsh> I love that <MiningMarsh> >had a redbull <MiningMarsh> Is a decrete event in boxmein's life
[13:58.43] <savask> boxmein: Sometimes I look at all those DARPA robotic challenges or Google cars and think that I can do a lot better. [13:59.02] <boxmein> savask: I always say, why aren't you doing it then? :P [13:59.11] <+savask> They don't allow humans there [13:59.15] <+savask> *ba-dum-tsss*
[18:15.44] <+boxmein> Lucozade: [18:15.55] <+boxmein> Lucozade: figure out what commands I should feed to mysql to create a database that fits this fucking bot [18:16.48] <Lucozade> boxmein, I think you're forgetting I'm a 14-year-old with literally no experience in coding [18:16.49] <+boxmein> SopaXT: i accidentally infinite fire [18:16.59] <Lucozade> boxmein, that's like asking mniip for info on how not to be gay [18:17.05] <+boxmein> :OOOO
"I'll add [...] what 9gag does" -boxmein, 2015
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<RadioNeat> ivel236: if you need help with chemistry shit just come teo me or some shit <RadioNeat> ping me or whatever <nucular> RadioNeat: you sound incredible tsundere right now 😂😂👍💯 <RadioNeat> what is box box box box <RadioNeat> searching up the meaning of "tsundere" i think quite so <nucular> RadioNeat: face with tears of joy face with tears of joy thumbs up sign hundred points symbol <RadioNeat> nucular: oh ok <RadioNeat> i search up "tsundere" and this is what i see <RadioNeat> man people are obsessed with pentai or whatever its called
<Ristovski> Oh yeah btw Macedonia will be no more <Ristovski> We are doing a `mv Macedonia North\ Macedonia` this midnight <nanovad> That's why macedonia sucks so bad <nanovad> They don't quote paths with spaces <MiningMarsh> nanovad: that and the goats <nanovad> MiningMarsh: That makes it better <MiningMarsh> nanovad: You like to fuck goats? <nanovad> MiningMarsh: Don't you? <MiningMarsh> nanovad: I haven't fucked anybody, so I wouldn't know <nanovad> MiningMarsh: -warm fleshlight that complains <MiningMarsh> nanovad: I wouldn't know if that is desireable <Doxin> really selling it there
<Ristovski> Mrprocom, Perhaps we can somehow startle him to being here <Ristovski> hmm <Ristovski> ief015_, I am not your bitch and will never be (yes I still remember the day when you said all #powder users are your bitches) <Cacophony> I've seen him talk only once <Cacophony> and he was trolling somebody that was certainly without a doubt me <Mrprocom> Ristovski: lol, it's visible when you do $see ief015_ <ief015_> weiners  
<solitaire> do you guys know any cool w8 skins <Ristovski> solitaire, are you looking for <Ristovski> solitaire, windows 8 <Ristovski> themes? <solitaire> er <solitaire> yeah <solitaire> i'm using Silk right now but i'm not sure * Ristovski inhale * Ristovski inhale * Ristovski inhale <Ristovski> BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH