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*Brussels terrorist attack happens* 15:21 <nucular> Ristovski: well what opinion am I supposed to have 15:22 <Ristovski> nucular: something liek "wow could have stolen all that luggage without anyone stopping me"; "wew lad"; "shieet can steal that xray machine too"; "10/10 well bombed" 15:22 <nucular> Ristovski: merkel did 3/22 15:23 <MiningMarsh> I am now a Muslim. 15:23 <Ristovski> nucular: French Nuclear power plant evacuated 6/10 here comes the radioation 15:23 <MiningMarsh> The terror attack convinced Mr. 15:23 <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: Mashallah 15:23 <MiningMarsh> *me 15:24 <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: oi mate, do you happen to have some semsex on you? 15:24 <Ristovski> semtex* 15:24 <Ristovski> fuck 15:25 <MiningMarsh> I have some allahtex 15:25 <Ristovski> NICE 15:25 <Ristovski> wewlad, boxs znc is gonna get nsachecked 15:26 <nucular> Ristovski: give me a catchy name for an osu! skin 15:28 <Ristovski> nucular: Solar 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "Bombastic (relevant)" 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "Sametex" 15:29 <nucular> lmao 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "SeaFour" 15:30 <MiningMarsh> Fucking top kek. 15:30 <Ristovski> nucular: make each circle a pic of cameron, description: "Click the crosshairs"
<Ristovski> Mrprocom, Perhaps we can somehow startle him to being here <Ristovski> hmm <Ristovski> ief015_, I am not your bitch and will never be (yes I still remember the day when you said all #powder users are your bitches) <Cacophony> I've seen him talk only once <Cacophony> and he was trolling somebody that was certainly without a doubt me <Mrprocom> Ristovski: lol, it's visible when you do $see ief015_ <ief015_> weiners  
<coca_koala> 6:07:34 PM <@KindOne>Star Wars Episode 8: The Shill Returns <Scourje> There is an entire troll wars trilogy <coca_koala> does shill ping u or something <Scourje> Yes
<RadioNeat> i will murder this guy violently <RadioNeat> i will rip apart his scrotum and hammer his testicles <RadioNeat> and feed them to him while he cries in pain <Deez_Nuts> RadioNeat, I have put you on a permanent ignore, public and private. I have found you disturbing, rude and generally not worth talking to. According to the channels you hang on, it strengtens the effect of wanting to put you on ignore because of my lack of interest in you as a person. <Deez_Nuts> This message is not meant to be rude to you, just to inform you that i won't see anything of what you type from now on. ABOUT 3 MINUTES LATER <Deez_Nuts> Dear RadioNeat, you have been taken off my ignore list. It shows much love <3
<Lucozade> Ristovski, our water comes out of the taps yelling 'u havin a gigle m8?'
[00:10:01] <StewieGriffin> User Banned: sandn***er was just perm banned by jacob1. Given reason: adsf [00:10:30] <nucular> asdf is not a valid ban reason [00:10:32] <nucular> MOD ABUSE [00:10:34] <nucular> MOD ABUSE
[17:54:49] <boxmein> > 2015 [17:54:54] <boxmein> > not writing in a language with kebab-case [17:55:04] <boxmein> > --kebab-case-is-best = true
<+boxmein> $google what does a remember me do
[00:21.28] <+boxmein> Ristovski: [00:21.29] <+boxmein> Ristovski: find the estonia
<Doxin> > shitting your pants at 60Hz <Ristovski> Doxin: wait what <Ristovski> at 60hz? <Doxin> yes. <Ristovski> Doxin: nice <Doxin> generally under influence of 230v or so. <Doxin> -10%/+5% I think <Ristovski> Doxin: I shit my pants at 110V <Ristovski> 220V gives me straight up diarrhea
<SopaXorzTaker> mniip, <SopaXorzTaker> contribute <mniip> no <chemistry> lol
"I'll add [...] what 9gag does" -boxmein, 2015
<chemistry> jacob1: i will split your ass into TWO FUCKING HEMISPHERES
[19:23.23] <+savask> Oh, that's why cracker64 says "moo" once a while [19:23.27] <+savask> He wants to start a flashmob [19:23.28] <Lucozade> savask .-. [19:23.30] <+jacob2> I was trying to read the backlog, but you guys type so fast that it kept scrolling up [19:23.32] <+Catelite> flashmoo
<solitaire> do you guys know any cool w8 skins <Ristovski> solitaire, are you looking for <Ristovski> solitaire, windows 8 <Ristovski> themes? <solitaire> er <solitaire> yeah <solitaire> i'm using Silk right now but i'm not sure * Ristovski inhale * Ristovski inhale * Ristovski inhale <Ristovski> BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
<jeffl35> what's wrong with callbacks?
***** Meanwhile in ##powder-mc ***** <potatorelay> <jacob614> where did my stairs go <potatorelay> <Dayday246> Upstairs
18:18:18] --> AwesomeBroTy (redacted) has joined #powder [18:18:32] * AwesomeBroTy looks for jenkob [18:18:48] <Skwid> not here sorry [18:19:03] <+jacob1> :P [18:19:29] <AwesomeBroTy> lol [18:19:44] <AwesomeBroTy> jacob the icon doesn't look that great when minimised [18:19:48] <AwesomeBroTy> it's mainly the flames [18:19:55] <+jacob1> :P [18:19:58] <AwesomeBroTy> (which weren't really my idea) [18:20:00] <AwesomeBroTy> :P [18:20:05] * AwesomeBroTy is :P [18:20:23] <Skwid> AwesomeBroTy, do tell, how old are you? [18:20:39] * AwesomeBroTy is 15 [18:20:46] * AwesomeBroTy is smart though [18:20:58] <Skwid> I'm 12 but mature for my age~~!!!!!!!! [18:21:06] * AwesomeBroTy agrees [18:21:43] * AwesomeBroTy has computer science next and he is the best in class [18:27:03] <AwesomeBroTy> so was that jacob a script [18:27:11] <AwesomeBroTy> fake jacob :( ? [18:27:32] <+jacob1> :P [18:27:50] <Skwid> yeah jacob1 is a bot [18:28:00] <AwesomeBroTy> [18:28:01] <+jacob1> :P [18:28:01] <@StewieGriffinSub> Youtube video is "Darth Vader NO!" [18:28:17] <AwesomeBroTy> i cri [18:28:23] <AwesomeBroTy> so whenever i say jacob [18:28:31] <AwesomeBroTy> or jacob1 [18:28:34] <AwesomeBroTy> no [18:28:34] <Skwid> jacob1 [18:28:40] <+jacob1> :P [18:28:40] <AwesomeBroTy> ok.... [18:28:42] <Skwid> it lags some times [18:28:51] <AwesomeBroTy> wow jacob [18:28:55] <+jacob1> :P [18:29:09] <AwesomeBroTy> oh [18:29:10] <AwesomeBroTy> thre [18:29:22] <AwesomeBroTy> spam messages with 'jacob1' [18:29:27] <+jacob1> :P [18:29:33] <AwesomeBroTy> XD meanwhile in ##powder-bots [18:29:10] <Skwid> jacob1, you are fucking amazing [18:29:15] <+jacob1> lol
[19:14] <nucular> [19:14] <Mrprocom> /kick <user> [<reason>] [19:14] <BWBellairs> lol [19:14] <Mrprocom> some people use [reason] instead of [<reason>] [19:14] <Mrprocom> both are right [19:14] <BWBellairs> [19:14] <@StewieGriffinSub> Forum post is "Thread Revival Day" in the General section, posted by KydonShadow and has 15 replies. Last post was by jacob1 at 2014-06-18 05:48:04 [19:14] <Mrprocom> I prefer [<optional>] [19:14] <Mrprocom> since you can do cool stuff with it like [19:15] <Mrprocom> [flags=<flags>] [19:15] <BWBellairs> nucular: Where do you find that stuff?!? It's terrible [19:16] <nucular> BWBellairs: how is that terrible [19:16] * BWBellairs coughs "language, references" [19:16] <nucular> BWBellairs: elaborate [19:18] <BWBellairs> not at all
[20:37] <BWBellairs> boxmein: [20:32] == BuddyBot [~buddybot@unaffiliated/boxmein] has join #powder-kids [20:37] <BWBellairs> lol [20:37] <Mrprocom> lol [20:37] <+boxmein> wait what [20:37] <BWBellairs> I had to type that by hand [20:37] <Mrprocom> wait nobody is in there [20:37] <BWBellairs> lol [20:37] <BWBellairs> ^^^ [20:37] <+boxmein> Mrprocom: sick troll [20:37] <+boxmein> BWBellairs: damn [20:37] <+boxmein> BWBellairs: you fooled me [20:38] <BWBellairs> yea [20:38] * Mrprocom stabs BWBellairs [20:38] <+boxmein> BWBellairs: well, "has join" I should've noticed [20:38] <BWBellairs> aww [20:38] <BWBellairs> lol [20:38] <BWBellairs> boxmein: [20:32] == BuddyBot [~buddybot@unaffiliated/boxmein] has joined #powder-kids [20:38] <Mrprocom> wait [20:38] <BWBellairs> That better?