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<Lucozade> Ristovski, our water comes out of the taps yelling 'u havin a gigle m8?'
[00:10:01] <StewieGriffin> User Banned: sandn***er was just perm banned by jacob1. Given reason: adsf [00:10:30] <nucular> asdf is not a valid ban reason [00:10:32] <nucular> MOD ABUSE [00:10:34] <nucular> MOD ABUSE
<SopaXorzTaker> mniip, <SopaXorzTaker> contribute <mniip> no <chemistry> lol
<chemistry> jacob1: i will split your ass into TWO FUCKING HEMISPHERES
<chemistry> guys <chemistry> is nucular <chemistry> is he <chemistry> ...died <nucular> yes, rip me <chemistry> FUCK <chemistry> he's dead guys <cracker64> the party can finally begin <chemistry> well <chemistry> at least there is no more weeaboo <nucular> chemistry: I will haunt you in your dreams <chemistry> cocksucker <chemistry> you better not <chemistry> nucular: i'll get Doxin to haunt your ghost dreams <chemistry> with dicks <chemistry> really unusually large dicks <nucular> from now on you will only dream about cute, slightly lesbian anime girls of questionable age doing cute but rather ordinary things <chemistry> shit <chemistry> fuck
<chemistry> fuc me up the anal butthole
17:07 <jombo23-O> Ristovski: 17:07 <jombo23-O> why do you need girls 17:07 <jombo23-O> when you have your hands 17:08 <Ristovski> How will I seed out my slavism then 17:08 <Ristovski> I need to take over the world 17:08 <Ristovski> spread my slavic genes 17:08 <jombo23-O> you do it in a public pool 17:08 <Ristovski> illegally import cousins to america 17:08 <jombo23-O> thats why its called the gene pool
<jeffl35> what's wrong with callbacks?
<Ristovski> I ate like 3 tomatos <Ristovski> fml <Ristovski> downed them with half a litre of water too <Ristovski> boxmein, see, THIS is how you stay hydrated during the summer <Finland> Ristovski: o_o <Finland> half a litre is a lot <Ristovski> Finland, wat <Ristovski> Finland, dude I drink like a litre before bed <Ristovski> aka ~4 glasses of water <Finland> wow <Ristovski> Finland, in like 2 mins <Ristovski> basically, before bed I drink as much as I can <Switzerland> Obviously a camel
<Ristovski> boxmein, complete the following: * Ristovski is hot <boxmein> Ristovski: clap alooong if you know what happiness is for you <boxmein> Ristovski: you know the rules and so do I <boxmein> Ristovski: don't hurt me / no more <Ristovski> boxmein, that... <Ristovski> was beautiful
[13:58.43] <savask> boxmein: Sometimes I look at all those DARPA robotic challenges or Google cars and think that I can do a lot better. [13:59.02] <boxmein> savask: I always say, why aren't you doing it then? :P [13:59.11] <+savask> They don't allow humans there [13:59.15] <+savask> *ba-dum-tsss*
[18:15.44] <+boxmein> Lucozade: [18:15.55] <+boxmein> Lucozade: figure out what commands I should feed to mysql to create a database that fits this fucking bot [18:16.48] <Lucozade> boxmein, I think you're forgetting I'm a 14-year-old with literally no experience in coding [18:16.49] <+boxmein> SopaXT: i accidentally infinite fire [18:16.59] <Lucozade> boxmein, that's like asking mniip for info on how not to be gay [18:17.05] <+boxmein> :OOOO
[22:59:22] * You are now known as Yahoo [22:59:23] -NickServ- Nick Yahoo is now registered to your account. [22:59:27] * You are now known as coca_koala [22:59:38] * MANBABY (688360a4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined [22:59:40] * MANBABY (688360a4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has left [23:00:11] * Google (no@####) has joined [23:00:13] <Google> coca_koala: not yahoo, but yaNOO
<coca_koala> 6:07:34 PM <@KindOne>Star Wars Episode 8: The Shill Returns <Scourje> There is an entire troll wars trilogy <coca_koala> does shill ping u or something <Scourje> Yes
<+boxmein> $google what does a remember me do
"I'll add [...] what 9gag does" -boxmein, 2015
20:53] <BWBellairs> nucular: I might ask for a server for christmas [20:53] <BWBellairs> So I can host my znc? [20:53] <nucular> lol [20:54] <BWBellairs> How would I even set up znc? [20:54] <nucular> "ayy momma can you buy me amazon aws 4 christmas pls" [20:54] <BWBellairs> "sure", "how much is it?" [20:54] <BWBellairs> "$1000000000" [20:55] <BWBellairs> "ok son"
<RadioNeat> ivel236: if you need help with chemistry shit just come teo me or some shit <RadioNeat> ping me or whatever <nucular> RadioNeat: you sound incredible tsundere right now 😂😂👍💯 <RadioNeat> what is box box box box <RadioNeat> searching up the meaning of "tsundere" i think quite so <nucular> RadioNeat: face with tears of joy face with tears of joy thumbs up sign hundred points symbol <RadioNeat> nucular: oh ok <RadioNeat> i search up "tsundere" and this is what i see <RadioNeat> man people are obsessed with pentai or whatever its called
*Brussels terrorist attack happens* 15:21 <nucular> Ristovski: well what opinion am I supposed to have 15:22 <Ristovski> nucular: something liek "wow could have stolen all that luggage without anyone stopping me"; "wew lad"; "shieet can steal that xray machine too"; "10/10 well bombed" 15:22 <nucular> Ristovski: merkel did 3/22 15:23 <MiningMarsh> I am now a Muslim. 15:23 <Ristovski> nucular: French Nuclear power plant evacuated 6/10 here comes the radioation 15:23 <MiningMarsh> The terror attack convinced Mr. 15:23 <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: Mashallah 15:23 <MiningMarsh> *me 15:24 <Ristovski> MiningMarsh: oi mate, do you happen to have some semsex on you? 15:24 <Ristovski> semtex* 15:24 <Ristovski> fuck 15:25 <MiningMarsh> I have some allahtex 15:25 <Ristovski> NICE 15:25 <Ristovski> wewlad, boxs znc is gonna get nsachecked 15:26 <nucular> Ristovski: give me a catchy name for an osu! skin 15:28 <Ristovski> nucular: Solar 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "Bombastic (relevant)" 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "Sametex" 15:29 <nucular> lmao 15:29 <Ristovski> nucular: "SeaFour" 15:30 <MiningMarsh> Fucking top kek. 15:30 <Ristovski> nucular: make each circle a pic of cameron, description: "Click the crosshairs"
[20:37] <BWBellairs> boxmein: [20:32] == BuddyBot [~buddybot@unaffiliated/boxmein] has join #powder-kids [20:37] <BWBellairs> lol [20:37] <Mrprocom> lol [20:37] <+boxmein> wait what [20:37] <BWBellairs> I had to type that by hand [20:37] <Mrprocom> wait nobody is in there [20:37] <BWBellairs> lol [20:37] <BWBellairs> ^^^ [20:37] <+boxmein> Mrprocom: sick troll [20:37] <+boxmein> BWBellairs: damn [20:37] <+boxmein> BWBellairs: you fooled me [20:38] <BWBellairs> yea [20:38] * Mrprocom stabs BWBellairs [20:38] <+boxmein> BWBellairs: well, "has join" I should've noticed [20:38] <BWBellairs> aww [20:38] <BWBellairs> lol [20:38] <BWBellairs> boxmein: [20:32] == BuddyBot [~buddybot@unaffiliated/boxmein] has joined #powder-kids [20:38] <Mrprocom> wait [20:38] <BWBellairs> That better?
[19:14] <nucular> [19:14] <Mrprocom> /kick <user> [<reason>] [19:14] <BWBellairs> lol [19:14] <Mrprocom> some people use [reason] instead of [<reason>] [19:14] <Mrprocom> both are right [19:14] <BWBellairs> [19:14] <@StewieGriffinSub> Forum post is "Thread Revival Day" in the General section, posted by KydonShadow and has 15 replies. Last post was by jacob1 at 2014-06-18 05:48:04 [19:14] <Mrprocom> I prefer [<optional>] [19:14] <Mrprocom> since you can do cool stuff with it like [19:15] <Mrprocom> [flags=<flags>] [19:15] <BWBellairs> nucular: Where do you find that stuff?!? It's terrible [19:16] <nucular> BWBellairs: how is that terrible [19:16] * BWBellairs coughs "language, references" [19:16] <nucular> BWBellairs: elaborate [19:18] <BWBellairs> not at all
* Catelite slowly turns into cole slaw * Switzerland didn't order a side with their meal * Catelite stays crunchy in milk * fgw crunches milk * Switzerland is allergic to milk, pours off bowl of Catelite * Switzerland dumps in Muesli and almond milk <Catelite> :( * Catelite drains into the floor <Switzerland> Catelite: Should have soaked in somethign else. Like almond milk or water <Switzerland> Butter works too * Catelite is now butter soaked in dirt
<savask> Ristovski: I just thought how cool would it be if you could rub burned places on food with some magic liquid, and they would go normal <Ristovski> savask: Just don't burn your food <Ristovski> and you're all good <savask> I guess there's a magic liquid called "oil" that you rub with before cooking
<+boxmein> MiningMarsh: I'm at work, had to bail on a ctf contest this thursday, defended 15 credits worth of "practical work" this morning, had a redbull, and on friday will have a signal processing exam <+boxmein> MiningMarsh: gonna have corp vacation at the end of month, which is Nice <MiningMarsh> I love that <MiningMarsh> >had a redbull <MiningMarsh> Is a decrete event in boxmein's life
18:18:18] --> AwesomeBroTy (redacted) has joined #powder [18:18:32] * AwesomeBroTy looks for jenkob [18:18:48] <Skwid> not here sorry [18:19:03] <+jacob1> :P [18:19:29] <AwesomeBroTy> lol [18:19:44] <AwesomeBroTy> jacob the icon doesn't look that great when minimised [18:19:48] <AwesomeBroTy> it's mainly the flames [18:19:55] <+jacob1> :P [18:19:58] <AwesomeBroTy> (which weren't really my idea) [18:20:00] <AwesomeBroTy> :P [18:20:05] * AwesomeBroTy is :P [18:20:23] <Skwid> AwesomeBroTy, do tell, how old are you? [18:20:39] * AwesomeBroTy is 15 [18:20:46] * AwesomeBroTy is smart though [18:20:58] <Skwid> I'm 12 but mature for my age~~!!!!!!!! [18:21:06] * AwesomeBroTy agrees [18:21:43] * AwesomeBroTy has computer science next and he is the best in class [18:27:03] <AwesomeBroTy> so was that jacob a script [18:27:11] <AwesomeBroTy> fake jacob :( ? [18:27:32] <+jacob1> :P [18:27:50] <Skwid> yeah jacob1 is a bot [18:28:00] <AwesomeBroTy> [18:28:01] <+jacob1> :P [18:28:01] <@StewieGriffinSub> Youtube video is "Darth Vader NO!" [18:28:17] <AwesomeBroTy> i cri [18:28:23] <AwesomeBroTy> so whenever i say jacob [18:28:31] <AwesomeBroTy> or jacob1 [18:28:34] <AwesomeBroTy> no [18:28:34] <Skwid> jacob1 [18:28:40] <+jacob1> :P [18:28:40] <AwesomeBroTy> ok.... [18:28:42] <Skwid> it lags some times [18:28:51] <AwesomeBroTy> wow jacob [18:28:55] <+jacob1> :P [18:29:09] <AwesomeBroTy> oh [18:29:10] <AwesomeBroTy> thre [18:29:22] <AwesomeBroTy> spam messages with 'jacob1' [18:29:27] <+jacob1> :P [18:29:33] <AwesomeBroTy> XD meanwhile in ##powder-bots [18:29:10] <Skwid> jacob1, you are fucking amazing [18:29:15] <+jacob1> lol